In My 80s, But Feeling Like I'm in My 20s

Hello to all my friends and family! I have been blessed to have such wonderful people around me. Thank you all for making me feel so young and alive. Please send me a message to let me know how you are doing!

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Going Where the Wind Takes Me

Every day is a new adventure for me. I have learned so much from the Internet, and I love it when my friends and family share new things with me. Tell me about what you have been doing online, and send me some pictures!

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Keeping it Exciting, Is a Part of the Process

Who knew that we seniors could be so daring? Many thanks to all of you who continually invite me to accompany you on your trips, shopping sprees, and lunch dates. It is because of you, that I feel so good inside. Let’s do lunch!

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Nako! I have come to learn that the best way to feel younger, is to hang out with older people. Come hang out with me, we will have a blast!

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I frequently find interesting videos on YouTube. Some make me laugh, others have made me cry. I love learning about new things this way. Visit my YouTube page to see some of my favorite videos.

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